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Speeding Tickets, Moving Violations, All Traffic Infractions

If you are not familiar with the point system that insurance companies may use to assign your rate, take a moment to review the N.C. Safe Driver Incentive Plan.  


It pays to be a safe driver–and to have the right legal assistance to help keep those points low! Did you know that simply “paying off” a ticket that you receive is the same as pleading guilty as charged and may cause you to receive points and insurance increases?  Without an experienced attorney, you could be costing yourself hundreds or thousands of dollars more in the long run by way of increased insurance expenses and the possibility of a revoked license.  

Let us help you navigate the complex court system and Department of Motor Vehicles rules and regulations to keep you legal and protect your livelihood.  Many citations can be resolved without your having to appear in court.

Driving While Impaired

If you have been charged with a DWI, you need legal representation.  This is a serious charge with serious consequences.  You have rights and I will see that they are respected.   The District Attorney’s office in most, if not all, of NC will not reduce a DWI charge to “reckless driving” or any lesser violation, and under certain circumstances, you could face a lengthy prison sentence for a conviction.  We can help you prepare a defense at a trial to challenge the State’s case against you and help protect your rights.  In the event of a conviction, there are still things that can be done to mitigate the sentence in your case as well as several alternative sentences that can be proposed to a judge for his/her consideration.



A conviction for DWI requires a mandatory one year suspension of your driver’s license.  You can be convicted of DWI for taking lawfully prescribed substances by you physician.   If you are convicted, we can help you obtain a limited driving privilege (if you qualify) so that you can continue to drive to work and to attend to life’s everyday necessities.



Contact me today to discuss your case, and how I can help.

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